Neuro Psychodrama

A Transformative Model for Healing

WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH to reach the deep recesses of the mind that are affected by trauma. When someone who has been traumatized gets triggered, they enter a mind-body combustion that all too often leads to acting-out behaviors and/ or self-medication. We need forms of therapy that move past cognition and into those disturbed inner states that drive dysfunctional behavior. We need models of treatment that teach as they heal so that when clients get triggered they can absorb and learn the skills of emotional regulation from those around them that will enable them to bring themselves back into balance.

Neuropsychodrama, outlined in the first half of this book, is a trauma-informed use of psychodrama. Relational Trauma Repair (RTR), which encompasses part two, is an experiential model of treatment for trauma and PTSD-related issues—a group process that accesses and wakes up the inner world and turns on the engagement system as it models, motivates, and inspires participants to take hold of their own healing.

Dr. Tian Dayton is a nationally recognized expert in the use of action methods in the treatment of emotional and psychological issues and trauma. The RTR model, which Dr. Dayton has developed through decades of experience and has used to train clinicians across the country, is a strength-based model of treatment that enables clinicians to bring experiential work into their treatment centers, clinics, and private practices with safety and containment. It is designed to be easily incorporated into existing programs, regardless of length of stay, and can be used in outpatient settings, group and one-to-one practices.

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