Each Day is a Day of Birth REWRITE

I am being continually reborn. Each day life renews itself transforming from one state to another. Flowers bloom and then their petals drop to the ground and become fertilizer for new growth. Seasons change. The sun comes up and at the end of each day it disappears for the night only to reappear bright, strong and warm the next morning. I am part of this natural and daily renewal of life.  Everything I experience becomes part of my process of personal growth. I refine my learning each day, I drop what I don’t need to the ground where it becomes fertilizer for tomorrow’s renewal, tomorrow’s rebirth, into my ever expanding sense of life. Each day gifts come and go, each day they are renewed.
@ Tian Dayton PhD
From Forgiving and Moving On, The Soul’s Companion, One Foot in Front of the Other, Health Communications
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