Keeping My Soul Alive

Today I choose to do what I need to do to keep my soul alive, to stay awake to life, to this new day and all of its potential. If I walk by this day without seeing it, I will miss what the day has to offer me. If I rush through it with a preoccupied, distracted mind, I will just get from one thing to the next and the next till it is over. But if I look, if I understand that being alive in the moment brings unexpected gifts; if I recognize that simply being alive is a gift, then the moments in my day will expand, they will have a feel of something subtle and alive, I will be aware of a deeper pulse of living.
I will stay on the path for one more day
There also exists a sleeping sickness of the soul. Its most dangerous aspect is that one is unaware of its coming. That is why you have to be careful. . . . You should realize that your soul suffers if you live superficially. People need times in which to concentrate, when they can search their inmost selves. It is tragic that most men have not achieved this feeling of self-awareness. And finally, when they hear the inner voice they do not want to listen anymore. They carry on as before so as not to be constantly reminded of what they have lost. But as for you, resolve to keep a quiet time. . . . Then your souls can speak to you without being drowned out by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Albert Schweitzer
@ Tian Dayton PhD
From Forgiving and Moving On, The Soul’s Companion, One Foot in Front of the Other, Health Communications
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