Dear Friends and Colleagues….. It has long been a desire of mine to create a workbook for Adult Children of Alcoholics… an ACoA myself…. I know that it takes a village and a lifetime to figure out the strange legacy of loving someone who moves in and out of reality….and takes the family with them to varying degrees. This workbook is about climbing out of that legacy. It’s about understanding both the cost and the rather unusual and sometimes zany gifts of living in a world that challenges one’s sense of “normal”. Anyone who has grown up with adverse childhood experiences, codependency or relational trauma can find themselves in the pages of this book. This information and the exercises and processes here, are for you. I had a wonderful time putting this together, I tried to make it as welcoming and user-friendly as possible. I hope that you’ll have an equally good time using it…”come on in, the water’s fine….”


“Dr. Tian Dayton has picked up where Janet Woititz left off in her seminal book Adult Children of Alcoholics, the book that literally began the ACoA movement…

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Adult Children of Alcoholics

tian dayton PhD
this article is excerpted from Adult Children of Alcoholics Workbook: For Children of Addiction, Dysfunction and Adverse Childhood Experiences It is impossible to explain to someone who has not bee...
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Positive Thoughts on Apps-Do They Help?

tian dayton PhD
Posted: July 21, 2011
What we think about all day really matters to our health and outlook. Positive thoughts may do more for us than we may realize. Consider this: Harvard studies prove that negative thoughts actually cause us to...
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My Mental Health: An Affirmation

tian dayton PhD
Posted: October 6, 2020
“I have always believed, and I still believe that whatever good fortune or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something else.” -Hermann Hesse Just...
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