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Stories by tian dayton PhD on Medium

Stories by tian dayton PhD on Medium

Getting in Touch With Gratitude

Posted: November 18, 2018, 2:01 pm

Explore Your Feelings of Gratitude in an Online Process

Gratitude is one of those emotions that research finds again and again is physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. First of all, carrying the feeling of gratitude in our hearts and minds is it’s own reward, it just feels goo...

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Sex Addiction:A New Diagnosis for an Old Behavior: Is Sex Addiction Treatment a Way to Escape the Consequences of Sexual Misbehavior or to Heal? 

Posted: November 18, 2017, 2:11 pm
With all of the recent press around high profile celebrities, considerable attention is being drawn to the rather volatile

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Daily Rituals

Our lack of meaningful ritual causes us to reach for objects outside ourselves for a sense of grounding. If we remain outwardly focused with our meaning existing outside of us, we may experience a spiritual crisis.
One of the ways to reconnect with my self is through rituals in my daily life. Rituals give me a sense of connection to something within me, and through that connection to a transcendent self, something larger than and beyond the everyday me. My rituals can be highly individualized. They may be daily quiet time or meditation, journaling or nature walks. It is important that I identify, cultivate and maintain both private and communal rituals. The important point is the necessity of having regular, ritualized experiences built into my day-to-day living that help my smaller self connect with a larger, or transcendent, self. Personal rituals act as passageways from the temporal to the spiritual world.
I cultivate daily rituals.
The more peculiarly his own a man’s character is, the better it fits him. Cicero
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