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Stories by tian dayton PhD on Medium

Stories by tian dayton PhD on Medium

The Nature of Traumatic Memory: Why Our Memories Terrifying Events are Spotty

Posted: October 4, 2018, 6:13 pm

As a psychologist who works with trauma, I am very much aware of how difficult it can be to recall details of traumatic experience.Even the question, “can you tell me about your trauma?” can be befuddling, if not somewhat disturbing, to one who has experienced it. In fact, it is the ver...

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Sex Addiction:A New Diagnosis for an Old Behavior: Is Sex Addiction Treatment a Way to Escape the Consequences of Sexual Misbehavior or to Heal? 

Posted: November 18, 2017, 2:11 pm
With all of the recent press around high profile celebrities, considerable attention is being drawn to the rather volatile

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Silent Communication

I am not an island onto myself. Isolating myself from those I am intimate with is impossible. All I accomplish through this self-imposed separation is the illusion of isolation. I share space with those who are close to me. Each of us knows what is going on, each of us feels the atmosphere of the other. I will be willing to know how I affect people today on both a verbal and, even more important, on a nonverbal level. I will take responsibility not only for what I say, but for who I am in the alive and vibrating feeling atmosphere around me. The atmosphere around me is alive and carries my silent message to all whom I encounter; it is what others I am in relationship with know and live with.
I own what I think and feel.
Now if you apply the wave-particle metaphor to human relationship and think that we are both particle, individuals in our own space and time and waves, things that can overlap and combine with others, then you have a basis for seeing how we could get “into
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