“Tian Dayton masterfully integrates principles of group dynamics and psychodrama therapies with insights into bodily states and feelings gained from contemporary neuroscience?
—Stephen W. Porges, creator of the Polyvagal Theory

Embodied, relational processes designed to add experiential therapy into addiction treatment centers, 10Ps, and one-to-one or group therapy settings.

Relational trauma can cause a loss of connection with the self and impact our ability to engage comfortably in intimate connection with others. Feeling misread, neglected, or abused by the people we want most to be loved by is a traumatizing experience that is cumulative. When these relational wounds remain unseen and unresolved, they can become the pain pump fueling self-medicating and dysfunctional behaviors that silently pass down through generations.

Sociometrics are embodied, research-based processes that educate clients about trauma, grief, and resilience as they offer in-the-moment, experiential relational trauma repair. Created by Dr. Tian Dayton to fit easily into outpatient programs, clinics, and one-to-one settings, sociometrics help to take the guesswork out of incorporating experiential therapy into treatment. They give therapists a clear process that builds momentum for deep change and personal growth. Harnessing the therapeutic power of the group, they teach skills of emotional literacy and self- and co-regulation.

The combination of sociometrics and simple role plays allow the body, as well as the mind, to find a voice. They draw on the theory base of psychodrama and sociometry, the first forms of mind/body, experiential therapy created by the father of group therapy, Jacob Levy Moreno.

“Tian Dayton demonstrates a deep understanding of Dr. Moreno’s work. Dr. Dayton’s writing makes complex theory accessible and pleasurable to read. This book will help practitioners and those affected by trauma to understand how psychodrama and sociometry in groups can provide unique, powerful healing of our deepest wounds.”

— Regina Moreno, MA, author of The Words of the Daughter, and
Miriam Zachariah, MA, TEP