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Today I allow my vulnerability to show. I have walked a long road, as everyone has. I have gained a tremendous sense of self-respect for my willingness to meet the challenges of recovery – to meet my inner depths. I have learned that my greatest chance to meet my life with my insides intact is to remain vulnerable – to remain alive. I do not need to hide my real self from others anymore in order to keep from feeling pain. I can let myself show, and in this way I get the support I need and so desire. I no longer push away that which I want the most.
I can be vulnerable.
To be loved at first sight, a man should have at the same time something to respect and something to pity in his face. Stendah


Dr. Tian Dayton

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The Making of The Who: A Tale of Mod Cool, Drugs, Addiction and Recovery

Posted: March 19, 2015, 4:40 am
I was recently blown away by a fascinating documentary revealing the brilliance and daring of the two young men who discovered The Who and brought, dragged, finessed and nurtured them onto world stage.

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What Do We Mean by Relationship Trauma?

Posted: May 30, 2014, 7:43 pm
(Note, continued training along with streaming video available on “The Workshop” on the membership site) Relationship trauma is the kind of emotional and psychological trauma that occurs within the context of relationships. We are biologically wired to seek close and ...