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A Healthy Heart

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Today, I will pray for help in forgiveness. My prayers have power in unseen realms. Research has borne out over and over again that prayer can be as effective a healer as medication at times. I will rely on the deep truth of the power of the unseen; invisible hands will guide my prayer. There

I am patient with myself.

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Self-forgiveness brings your mental and emotional energy systems back into balance. That’s all. No big deal. It’s not necessarily religious or spiritual, it’s just good ol’ street sense— the missing link in intelligence that scientists are looking for. Once you practice forgiving and releasing yourself, you’ll realize the benefits soon in the way you feel

Patience with Myself

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Today, I will be patient with myself. When I do not do as well as I wish I would, I will not make that a reason to get down on myself. I will instead recognize that the fastest way to bring myself out of a painful funk is through understanding and being good to myself.

Owning My Own Anger Responsibly

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Today, I am willing to take responsibility for the anger that I carry within me. I am not a bad person because I feel angry. No one wants to think of himself or herself as an angry person, and I am no exception. But when I refuse to acknowledge the anger and resentment that I

Born to Thrive

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I am born to thrive. Like the trees, grass, birds and flowers, the equipment to thrive is built into my DNA. Everything in nature thrives or it wouldn’t be here. Plants grow through cracks in a wall or sidewalk. Birds build nests in roofs and animals find what they need in the wild. Everywhere there

Inner Sunshine

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There is sunshine in this world. There is humor and grace and beauty. Today I will align myself with what is best and most nourishing about life. Everywhere there is evidence of an alive and magnificent universe if I open my eyes to see it and my heart to feel it. Sometimes it takes sickness


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Sometimes, healing doesn’t feel good. Sometimes, it involves deep pain. The effect of healing is gentle, freeing and wonderful, but the road leading to it can be hellish. Now, I understand what the Psalms mean by, “valley of the shadow of death.