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Transforming Trauma into Post Traumatic Growth (Emotional Sobriety Workbooks)
Covid-19 days can place us under unusual stress which, over time can produce many of the same symptoms as trauma; such as grief, sadness, anxiety, sleep troubles, intrusive or disturbing thoughts and body aches and pains. But in this case, we’re not talking about an event that happens once and is over. Rather the length and duration here, is anything but clear. So this can lead to what’s called “anticipatory grief”, and the feelings or symptoms we’re referring to are referred to as pre-trauma symptoms. We want to avoid these cumulative, pre-trauma symptoms being left unattended to, and morphing into post-traumatic stress issues later on. Maintaining Emotional Sobriety During COVID-19, contains the kind of information and work pages that help you to gain insight into which of these issues or feelings might be showing up for you. It gives you a user-friendly way to understand and process them so that you can transform feelings and thoughts that might otherwise undermine your feeling of well-being into post traumatic growth. The idea here is to head trouble off at the pass, to give ourselves the space (and frankly relief) to heal as we go. It’s just so much easier than letting it all pile up on us then feeling stuck and confused at some later date. Post traumatic growth not only alleviates problems later, we feel a “survivor’s pride” knowing that we met a challenging situation well and actually found ways of becoming stronger and more resilient. The workbook actually feels self-caring to do, it will give you a safe space to feel, then you can close it and go about your day. It will help you not to “leak” and “ project” uncomfortable feelings where they do not belong. This Emotional Sobriety During Covid-19 Workbook also has many hand drawn mandalas that you can fill in and feel soothed and relaxed. Both drawing on mandalas and journaling are well documented through research, as ways of reducing anxiety and now here they are….both at your fingertips!