How to Apply 12 Step Principals During Covid-19 Times

We are not strangers to unusual challenges in the addiction’s world. We have lived with chaos and unmanageability before and we have learned to use program principals to create calm in a storm. We have also learned to accept and even embrace challenges as part of our spiritual growth. And we have found that embracing those challenges has ultimately led to our being happier, stronger and more resilient people.
tian dayton PhD First published on Thrive Global
This current moment in time however, is giving “practicing these principles in all our affairs” a whole new meaning. So how can we draw on program wisdom to get through the days and the weeks ahead. How can we, a day at a time, embrace this kind of challenge?

How to Create a Sense of Calm in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty is one of our most difficult feelings to manage. We humans like to wrap our minds around things, we like to know what’s going to happen. But do we? HHHmmm that’s the age old question. It is times like these that pull us into the present, that remind us of who we love and what we have.
tian dayton PhD First published on Thrive Global
It’s not what happens to us but what we do with what happens that matters. Research on resilience finds that those who thrive in situations that might defeat others, have somehow figured out how to mobilize their supports and make use of them. They have a sense of reality and acceptance about their circumstances but they are proactive in taking steps to make things better. Here are some tips that will help you to manage anxiety and actively create some balance and calm throughout this challenging period.

How to Use These Days to Heal Old Wounds Rather than Reenact Them

Our sense of loss during the current COVID-19 crisis can trigger hidden emotions from when we experienced a sense of loss before. Whatever early losses you have had in your life — whether they be your own divorce, your parents, or both, or the abandonment of one parent, a childhood or parental illness or death, financial upheaval, constant moving around, or growing up with parental addiction or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) — they are likely to have left an unconscious residue on your mind, an unseen wound that at moments like this can become ruptured under the pressure of the current crisis.
tian dayton PhD First published on The Meadows
Let’s face it: We’re all losing our sense of normal, and this is a big deal. But for those of us who also lost “normal” as children, it can constitute a double whammy. Some feelings of loss right now are perfectly natural. After all, senior proms are being missed, weddings and celebrations are on hold, funerals are empty of communal mourners to say nothing of kids’ birthday parties, family outings, and shopping! Our routines during this crisis are turned upside down.